Assalamu alaikum!
Nama saya Epping. Saya "berprofesi" sebagai koas. Koas itu nama lain dari dokter muda. Harus belajar dan mengabdi di Rumah Sakit selama kurang lebih 2 tahun atau bisa juga selama-lamanya, baru kemudian bisa dipanggil Pak Dokter. Tapi di sini saya tidak akan berbagi apapun tentang dunia medis yang menjemukan itu. Saya lebih senang membahas kegemaran saya, kesenangan saya dan apa-apa saja yang membuat hal-hal itu timbul. Tiap orang punya minat dan hobi masing-masing, kadang kala kegemaran mereka itu bahkan bertolak belakang dengan bidang yang mereka pelajari demi sesuap nasi. Itulah hidup, penuh dengan pilihan, dan orang-orang yang salah memilih.
Begitu juga saya, saya gemar menulis lagu meskipun tidak bisa baca-tulis partitur. Saya juga senang membuat file-file video bercerita yang orang sebut sebagai film indie. Pada dasarnya saya senang dengan segala hal berbau seni, kecuali airnya, tentu saja.
Di blog ini saya menyimpan karya-karya saya dan membaginya kepada Anda di saat bersamaan. Selama ini lagu-lagu saya cuma mengonggokkan diri mereka di dalam komputer. Baru beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mulai berpikir untuk posting lagu-lagu ini ke blog, sebelum komputer saya, rumah mereka, musnah ditelan rayap... So, selamat datang, Teman... Silahkan dengar blogku...

GoArticles Music Category  

GoArticles Music Category

Video Guitar Lessons Online is an Simple Way to Learn Guitar!

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 08:29 PM PDT

Video guitar lessons online could be the modern, effortless way of learning how to play guitar in solitude of your home. You might be the budding rock chick or king of the air guitar, blasting out a...

Gorguts - The Erosion Of Sanity - Cassette Review (Roadrunner Records)

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 08:18 PM PDT

Ahh, Gorguts. The amazing, pioneering Tech-Death metal band from Montreal. You left most of us very confused with your Obscura record, and many more of simply amazed by the sheer amount of versatilit...

Morbid Scream - The Signal To Attack 1986-1990 CD (Tarot Productions) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:50 PM PDT

Ah, the perils of having 'Morbid' as the first word in your band name. It's somewhat like naming your band 'Necro.....', it gets lost amongst the mire of so many others. If you're a death metal band, ...

Hellhammer - Demons Entrails 2 CD(Noise Records) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:46 PM PDT

Hellhammer (and often, Celtic Frost) are a love-them-or-hate-them band. I might not be able to change your mind regarding Hellhammer, but I would love to provoke the thoughts within you, dear reader, ...

E-X-E - Stricken By Might Cassette (Attic Records) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:43 PM PDT

Stand up and shout! ... Metal Hell! Metal Hell! Metal Hell!" When it comes to classic thrash discussions it's honestly not that rare to see E-X-E's debut here Stricken By Might get mentioned every ...

Hell-Born - Cursed Infernal Steel (Ibex Moon) CD Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:39 PM PDT

One of Poland's lesser-known death metal hordes, Hell-Born, has just released Cursed Infernal Steel, the follow-up to their criminally-ignored "Legacy of Nephilim" album (which included the ridiculous...

Sabbat - Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays Cassette (Noise Records) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:11 PM PDT

Before Andy Sneap gained fame as one of the most in-demand producers in the metal scene, he was the lead guitarist in this UK thrash metal band. This 1989 effort was the band's second album and unfort...

Abomination - Abomination Cassette (Nuclear Blast) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:02 PM PDT

I was walking through an electronics superstore one day with some friends down the CD aisle (the rock section because of course there will never be a metal section) and happened to notice the very fir...

How To Play Any Guitar Chord

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 07:00 PM PDT

If you can learn how to play any guitar chord, then you will have what it takes to play any of the chords used in most popular songs, providing some beautiful harmonic accompaniment to the melody as w...

Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings a Long History of Quality

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 05:21 PM PDT

Pirastro, the makers of Evah Pirazzi Strings, has a long history of making quality handcrafted strings. In the late 1700s, an Italian string-maker named Giorgio Pirazzi was invited to set up a workpla...

Slayer - Reign In Blood CD (Def Jam) Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 01:30 PM PDT

There are a great deal of bands that we as metal fans are willing to debate the merits of, citing a release as their most potent, and sharing reasons why we hold them in that regard. One of these albu...

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Why Most People Quit

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:59 PM PDT

Do you want to play the guitar but don't know how and where to begin? Would you feel better knowing you're not the only one? Guitar lessons for beginners are especially difficult.Guitar is dif...

Most Of The Time

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:51 PM PDT

All the merry little elves can go hang themselves / my faith is as cold as can be If it's Thursday it must be Dylan. This Thursday, anyway, up in Harlem. I can't seem to string too much togeth...

Guitar Lesson - Finding Notes on the Guitar

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 11:58 AM PDT

When teaching students at my guitar lesson studio in Chicago, Village Guitar Studio, one topic that I like to cover relatively early on is how to know the names of notes you are playing. For example,...

Learn Finger Picking Guitar The Easy Way

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 10:11 AM PDT

The method of playing the guitar with just the fingers or 'fingerpicking' as it is known is a wonderful technique that can be hard to tackle for many aspiring guitar players. Yet, it is a very useful ...

10 Tips To Help Enhance Your Singing Voice

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 09:49 AM PDT

Are you in need of a little assistance to Help improve singing? Here are Ten guidelines to help you reach your potential! 1. The diaphr...

Blue Wing

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 09:41 AM PDT

It's dark in here; can't see the sky - Tom Russell Dave Alvin, who played the City Winery on Varick Street in Soho Tuesday night, has grown comfortably into his looks. Back in his punk/roots d...

Pop Culture, Pop Music: Entertainment Faster With Satellite Internet

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 06:09 AM PDT

There's definitely something to be said about being smart and being serious. These are important qualities that employers look for, they help people to appear more legitimate in the workforce, and are...

4 Things That Make A Good Beat Maker

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 05:44 AM PDT

If you're one of the plenty music lovers that want to make your own hip-hop beats -- there's never been a greater time to jump in and give it a try. Gone are the days when you required to spend severa...

How to Be Successful in the Music Business

Posted: 25 Jun 2010 05:07 AM PDT

Ever wondered how to become successful as an artist in the music industry? Everyone, no matter what their craft, wants to be successful, and it's all about your strategic planning! You want to...

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