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Nama saya Epping. Saya "berprofesi" sebagai koas. Koas itu nama lain dari dokter muda. Harus belajar dan mengabdi di Rumah Sakit selama kurang lebih 2 tahun atau bisa juga selama-lamanya, baru kemudian bisa dipanggil Pak Dokter. Tapi di sini saya tidak akan berbagi apapun tentang dunia medis yang menjemukan itu. Saya lebih senang membahas kegemaran saya, kesenangan saya dan apa-apa saja yang membuat hal-hal itu timbul. Tiap orang punya minat dan hobi masing-masing, kadang kala kegemaran mereka itu bahkan bertolak belakang dengan bidang yang mereka pelajari demi sesuap nasi. Itulah hidup, penuh dengan pilihan, dan orang-orang yang salah memilih.
Begitu juga saya, saya gemar menulis lagu meskipun tidak bisa baca-tulis partitur. Saya juga senang membuat file-file video bercerita yang orang sebut sebagai film indie. Pada dasarnya saya senang dengan segala hal berbau seni, kecuali airnya, tentu saja.
Di blog ini saya menyimpan karya-karya saya dan membaginya kepada Anda di saat bersamaan. Selama ini lagu-lagu saya cuma mengonggokkan diri mereka di dalam komputer. Baru beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mulai berpikir untuk posting lagu-lagu ini ke blog, sebelum komputer saya, rumah mereka, musnah ditelan rayap... So, selamat datang, Teman... Silahkan dengar blogku...

GoArticles Music Category  

GoArticles Music Category

7 Tips For Getting New York Music Tickets

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:58 PM PDT

A fun things to do in New York City is experiencing the remarkable variety of live shows at a diverse New York music venues. There are plenty of of live shows and concerts held on a nightly basis; fro...

Buy Guitars Online - Advantages You Can't Get Offline

Posted: 06 May 2010 07:37 PM PDT

Why buy guitars online? Clearly you can't test the product before forking over your cash, so what's the use? There ...

Ukulele Sizes - Explained

Posted: 06 May 2010 05:26 PM PDT

There are four main sizes of ukulele. Some manufacturers make variations on this and have completely different types like the kala pocket uke, but I won't go into them here. The sizes are (from sm...

Festivals in the UK - 2010

Posted: 06 May 2010 02:11 PM PDT

It's festival time in the UK! With a wealth of festivals to attend this summer its time to pack your tent, (or camper van), and hit the road! Here are a selection of what's happening. Glast...

UnCovered Interview - the making of the cover of the Frank Zappa album Over-Nite Sensation,

Posted: 06 May 2010 11:41 AM PDT

I credit my brother Bob for introducing me to Frank Zappa. While I was engrossed in my Black Sabbath, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Santana albums, Bob was happy to memorize every word of his George Carlin...

Singorama Review

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:57 AM PDT

If you want to improve your singing voice Singorama will definitely be able to help you! It is an amazing set of twenty eight core audio lessons that will absolutely lend a hand in letting you unde...

How To Sing High Notes - Singorama

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:49 AM PDT

For quite a few singers, there are times that singing high notes happens to be troublesome or a little bit difficult, most especially for the male ones. So here are some tips on how to sing high no...

Watch Mother and Child Online

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:47 AM PDT

Drama movie Mother and Child is based on three different women who are suffered with common crisis. Watch Mother and Child to experience...

Learn How To Sing Better - Singorama

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:41 AM PDT

We all wish to have a good singing voice, but the thing is it can't be achieved overnight. It will take a lot of practice because it's not like waking up one day able to sing with a wide range of v...

Blink 182 - A Band That Defines Pop Punk

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:03 AM PDT

When it comes to dominance in the pop punk genre of the music scene both in the United States and abroad, Blink 182 is one of the bands on top of the heap of would-be posers. One might say that the ba...

Pearl Jam - Rock Performers With Substance

Posted: 06 May 2010 10:00 AM PDT

Hailed as the most popular rock and roll band of the 1990s, Pearl Jam remains one of the music scene's demi-gods. This, despite the insistence of the band members in standing up for oft-controversial ...

Kamaka Baritone Ukuleles and Other Instruments

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:17 AM PDT

The Kamaka company's lines of ukuleles are traditional instruments which are designed for serious players. These instruments are made of koa wood, the traditional material from which ukuleles are luth...

Options for Ukulele Tuners

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:16 AM PDT

Tuning an instrument used to be a skill that took a long time to develop. Today, most musicians use either electronic or-if they're purists-by-ear tuning devices that sound the initial note which they...

Jake Shimabukuro: Taking the Ukulele Seriously

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:16 AM PDT

Jake Shimabukuro is an American musician, known primarily for his abilities playing the ukulele. He has been in several bands, has won awards for his music, has composed music for movie soundtracks an...

The Kawika Ukulele

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:15 AM PDT

These ukuleles were made by an independent luthier on the island of Hilo, David Hurd. The name Kawika is Hawaiian for David, who was an oceanographer prior to his career as a ukulele-builder. These in...

The Ukulele Hall of Fame

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:15 AM PDT

The Ukulele hall of fame, since its creation in 1996, has celebrated this instrument in its entirety. Its entirety, of course, means its early history as something of a novelty instrument and its pres...

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:14 AM PDT

An 8-piece ensemble consisting almost only of ukuleles, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is an internationally-touring group that has achieved some fame for itself over the years. The group repr...

Mahalo Ukulele Options

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:14 AM PDT

Of all the ukulele manufacturers in the world, there is none whose instruments are as common as the Mahalo ukulele brand. This brand is produced by Saga Musical Instruments and encompasses a wide rang...

James Hill: Get to Know One of the Best Ukulele Players in the World

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:13 AM PDT

James Hill is among the best-known serious ukulele players in the world. What sets him apart from most of his peers is that he's not from Hawaii. In fact, he's from about as far away from a tropical P...

The History of the Harmony Ukulele Company

Posted: 06 May 2010 09:12 AM PDT

The Harmony Ukulele Company went out of business in 1975. Their name, however, is a familiar site to anyone who plays the ukulele. For the greater part of the 20th Century, this name was synonymous wi...

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