Assalamu alaikum!
Nama saya Epping. Saya "berprofesi" sebagai koas. Koas itu nama lain dari dokter muda. Harus belajar dan mengabdi di Rumah Sakit selama kurang lebih 2 tahun atau bisa juga selama-lamanya, baru kemudian bisa dipanggil Pak Dokter. Tapi di sini saya tidak akan berbagi apapun tentang dunia medis yang menjemukan itu. Saya lebih senang membahas kegemaran saya, kesenangan saya dan apa-apa saja yang membuat hal-hal itu timbul. Tiap orang punya minat dan hobi masing-masing, kadang kala kegemaran mereka itu bahkan bertolak belakang dengan bidang yang mereka pelajari demi sesuap nasi. Itulah hidup, penuh dengan pilihan, dan orang-orang yang salah memilih.
Begitu juga saya, saya gemar menulis lagu meskipun tidak bisa baca-tulis partitur. Saya juga senang membuat file-file video bercerita yang orang sebut sebagai film indie. Pada dasarnya saya senang dengan segala hal berbau seni, kecuali airnya, tentu saja.
Di blog ini saya menyimpan karya-karya saya dan membaginya kepada Anda di saat bersamaan. Selama ini lagu-lagu saya cuma mengonggokkan diri mereka di dalam komputer. Baru beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mulai berpikir untuk posting lagu-lagu ini ke blog, sebelum komputer saya, rumah mereka, musnah ditelan rayap... So, selamat datang, Teman... Silahkan dengar blogku...

GoArticles Music Category  

GoArticles Music Category a Musical instrument online store

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:54 PM PDT is not a box-mover webshop in DJ Gear, DJ equipment, Musical instruments... stands for quality, service (before and aft...

Download Free Songs: Recharging Your Ipod With Free Tunes

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:04 PM PDT

With so many artists in the world today, it is getting quite hard to keep a track of all the music and knowing what you would want to listen to and what you would want to avoid. But, if you had the op...

Footprints in the Sand, Two Versions

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 10:49 PM PDT

Almost all of us in the English speaking part of the world are familiar with the song entitled Footprints in the Sand. It was a song popularized in the 1960s. Most people, however, do not know that ...

Music Magazine - Coachella 2010

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 10:46 PM PDT

The last day of the 2010 Coachella Festival should have been called "Florence and the Machine Day," because Florence Welch wins my heart for the best performance this weekend. The fi...

Sony BDVE300 - Review & Discount | Best Home System Reviews

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 08:30 PM PDT

Sony BDVE300 5.1-Channel High-Definition Blu-ray Disc Player/DVD Disc Home Theater System

Experience high-definition picture quality and sound with the

How to Download Mp3s Affordably

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 01:47 PM PDT

How much do you spend a week on music? How about a month? How about per year? When you step back and take a look at exactly how much money is going toward downloading music, you might be s...

A wake for Dick Bogle

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 01:18 PM PDT

Well now, that was quite a production. Nola Bogle can throw one and it's too bad I'm not a gossip columnist because it would have been heaven, the italicized names in this "who's who" would ha...

Ossifir will make you happy

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 01:03 PM PDT

Beneath the solid wooden rafters and relaxing confines of the Granary Pizza Co. on Friday, April 16th in Eugene, the neo-Jazz-Funk trio Ossifir unleashed a torrent of tight grooves, quick rhythms and ...

SOUL'D OUT MUSIC FESTIVAL: Benny Golson escapes the volcanic ash

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 12:53 PM PDT

The volcanic emissions from Iceland nearly iced a Portland appearance by Benny Golson, a very major figure in American music. Oregon Music News received an e-mail from Golson on Saturday. He was in He...

Merry Miller - Famous Harpists In The International Music Arena

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 12:52 PM PDT

Merry Miller has carved a niche for herself as being one of the most famous harpists in the international music arena. She is not on...

Taylor Swift Tickets - The Superstar as SuperGirl

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 12:46 PM PDT

The singer Taylor Swift is in vogue these days. Whether for her movies, songs or stories of hearts, it is much talked about. However, despite the rumors, we do not want her to resume the role of Super...

Remember Paul deLay on Sunday at Ethos benefit concert

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:56 AM PDT

by Tom D'Antoni on April 20, 2010 There were times when you'd say to yourself, "Ya know, I haven't heard Paul deLay live for a while, let's if he's got gig this weekend." You'd head to those ...

How To Know If You Are A Good Singer

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:48 AM PDT

Do you hum a tune or sing to yourself often when you are alone? Are you the so called "bathroom singer"? Oftentimes, people wished they are able to sing well some even dreamed of being a pop star. Thi...

Gucci Mane Chains

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:44 AM PDT

Gucci Mane is greatest recognized for his on the spot freestyles, street cred, and many of all, the Gucci Mane necklaces game. He has stated a lot of moments he favors his chains to match his personal...

Learn to Play Canon Rock Electric Guitar like Funtwo

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 11:39 AM PDT

Teenagers all over the world want to learn how to play the electric guitar like FunTwo. He is the kid...

How to Make Your Own Rap Music

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 10:26 AM PDT

HOW TO CREATE A GOOD SOUNDING BEAT USING A BEAT MAKER - THIS IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK --------------------------------------- If you rush when making your beat, it may actually ruin your creative flo...

Audio Fidelity Release Classic Styx and Simon & Garfunkel Albums on 24 Karat Gold CDs

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 10:17 AM PDT

Culver City, CA-April 20, 2010- Marshall Blonstein and Audio Fidelity are releasing two classic albums on 24 karat gold CDs series today. The 1977 release that made Styx international super...

Where Do the Best Songwriting Topics Come From?

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 09:49 AM PDT

Without a steady flow of great songwriting topics, it is very difficult to consistently write solid songs. But where do these ideas come from? And more importantly, how can you find them in order ...

How to Play Electric Guitar

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 08:42 AM PDT

Each day finds thousands of people finally achieving their long-term dream of learning to play the electric guitar. Many want to learn to play including females, male, old and young, and just about ...

Norah Jones Tickets - Norah Jones Tickets at available at low rate !

Posted: 20 Apr 2010 07:40 AM PDT

Norah Jones is a great American singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and actress. She...

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