Assalamu alaikum!
Nama saya Epping. Saya "berprofesi" sebagai koas. Koas itu nama lain dari dokter muda. Harus belajar dan mengabdi di Rumah Sakit selama kurang lebih 2 tahun atau bisa juga selama-lamanya, baru kemudian bisa dipanggil Pak Dokter. Tapi di sini saya tidak akan berbagi apapun tentang dunia medis yang menjemukan itu. Saya lebih senang membahas kegemaran saya, kesenangan saya dan apa-apa saja yang membuat hal-hal itu timbul. Tiap orang punya minat dan hobi masing-masing, kadang kala kegemaran mereka itu bahkan bertolak belakang dengan bidang yang mereka pelajari demi sesuap nasi. Itulah hidup, penuh dengan pilihan, dan orang-orang yang salah memilih.
Begitu juga saya, saya gemar menulis lagu meskipun tidak bisa baca-tulis partitur. Saya juga senang membuat file-file video bercerita yang orang sebut sebagai film indie. Pada dasarnya saya senang dengan segala hal berbau seni, kecuali airnya, tentu saja.
Di blog ini saya menyimpan karya-karya saya dan membaginya kepada Anda di saat bersamaan. Selama ini lagu-lagu saya cuma mengonggokkan diri mereka di dalam komputer. Baru beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mulai berpikir untuk posting lagu-lagu ini ke blog, sebelum komputer saya, rumah mereka, musnah ditelan rayap... So, selamat datang, Teman... Silahkan dengar blogku...

GoArticles Music Category  

GoArticles Music Category

Kids Songs and Music - Major and Minor Tonality

Posted: 07 Jan 2010 12:00 AM PST

Music is very much a part of our lives. It touches us in many ways and evokes various emotional, cognitive, and physical responses. Music can convey many themes and ideas. Music communicates with us i...

Kids Music - Repetition and Musical Learning

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 11:57 PM PST

Mastering musical concepts often requires much repetition. Repetition of patterns in songs reinforces content and retention of words and melodies. Since all children do not learn in the same way or at...

Beginner Guitar Songs - Discover 3 Super Simple Guitar Songs Any Beginner of the Guitar Can Play

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 08:01 PM PST

Learning to play the guitar can sometimes be very frustrating. In order to learn how to play guitar you need to be able to play songs that sound good while at the same time help you improve your guit...

Rocket Piano - An Unbiased Review

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 07:51 PM PST

Overview of "Rocket Piano"

Are you caught in a situation where you want to master the art of playing the piano like a professional but yet could not afford to pay the high ...

Learn to Play the Piano - Three Super Simple Tips to Make Sure You Learn How to Play the Piano Well

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 07:51 PM PST

Want to learn how to play the piano? Are you just starting out with the piano and looking for the best way to get started so you can learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time? ...

What Are Guitar Tabs

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:49 PM PST

Guitar tabs are a simplified form of musical notation that can be written specifically for the guitar. Compared to ordinary music notation, the guitar tab is extremely simple to read offering a vis...

Logan Lynn, Cars & Trains, and The Gentry: Gently electrifying the Doug Fir

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:40 PM PST

by Alaya Wyndham-Price on January 6, 2010 If you think the new year should bring new music, then don't miss this show tomorrow night at the Doug Fir. Logan Lynn just released his fourth album, From P...

Album: Ben Sidran sings Bob Dylan...but it's Jazz!

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:29 PM PST

by Tom D'Antoni on January 5, 2010 Bob Dylan in a Jazz setting? Ben Sidran pulls it off on Dylan Different. This isn't easy. First, the listener has to divest the sound of the originals that live...

Most Memorable Blues Moment of 2009

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:23 PM PST

by Greg Johnson on January 5, 2010 When I look back over the past year, there are many great memories that I encountered watching our local blues musicians on-stage. For example, the Safeway Waterfron...

Very International Love, Double Plus Good, and Mnemonic churn out electro-pop at Rotture

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:19 PM PST

by Chris Young on January 5, 2010 Double Plus Good and Very International Love are two little guys doing something big. The last time these two shared a bill, it was in a sweaty Green House basement ...

Seattle Opera announces its next season

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:11 PM PST

by James Bash on January 5, 2010 The amazing Lawrence Brownlee Seattle Opera has announced the lineup for its 2010-2011 season, which includes five operas: "Tristan und Isolde," "Lu...

Bryan Free and Y La Bamba play to a captive Mississippi Studios

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:00 PM PST

by Brandon Ellison on January 5, 2010 Pianist and songwriter Bryan Free played to a rapt Mississippi Studios audience December 16th. The crowd gathered around the ground level, lamp-lit piano to hear ...

Michael Hurley's simple sound at Holocene was simply delightful

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 05:54 PM PST

by Jamie Poster on January 5, 2010 As the opening act left the sparse stage, three older men unassumingly wandered over to pick up their electric guitar, bass, and violin respectively. Without introd...

Blue Horns, Sassparilla, and Casey Neill keep a packed Mississippi Studios on it's feet

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 05:49 PM PST

by Jessica Black on January 5, 2010 Casey Neill and the Norway Rats. Photo by Inger Klekacz, Walking into Mississippi Studios without knowing a thing about the featured artists, one ...

A marriage of talents at independent label leads to Grammy nomination:

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 04:22 PM PST

Most of the time we find ourselves a little to tied to our cell phones, but every now and then you miss something important by letting it go to voicemail. It wasn't till a couple of hours later that...

Learn How to Play Violin

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 03:37 PM PST

Online Violin Lessons ================================== Your Gateway to Superb Performance Violin Master Pro is THE solution for you if you are looking for a one stop teaching tool to the world of ...

A Heartbeat And A Guitar: Johnny Cash And The Making Of Bitter Tears"

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:17 PM PST

by Barbara Mitchell on January 6, 2010 It's a safe bet that "folksinger" isn't the first thing that jumps into people's minds when they think of Johnny Cash, but writer Antonino D'Ambrosio exp...

Dick Weissman: Great Stories From A Storied Career

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:06 PM PST

by Barbara Mitchell on January 6, 2010 Dick Weissman has had quite a storied career in music - he was part of the legendary folk group the Journeymen, was a studio musician and producer, then a comp...

Getting going Playing Electric Guitar

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 01:50 PM PST

Beginning upon this route to becoming an extraordinary guitar player is difficult to any novice. The advisable place to begin can be by assembling all of the gear that you'll call for. This includ...

How To Set Up a Home Recording Studio in 7 Days Flat - Day 4

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 12:54 PM PST

Having your own home recording studio is one of the biggest advantages you can provide for yourself as a musician. In this 7 part report on setting up your own home recording studio, we are discussi...

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